Title 24 Acceptance Testing

What Is Title 24?

Title 24 Acceptance Testing? Title 24 is a state mandated law and set of regulations that all residences and businesses must uphold for energy conservation. Any alteration to lighting in an existing facility or home requires that Title 24 Acceptance Testing be completed. GFI Electrical. Is now certified to offer clients T24 Testing to make sure your residential or commercial project follows California law.

Who Needs This Service?

If you are a general contractor, electrical contractor and need to obtain your occupancy for a project you recently completed, the city official in your jurisdiction will most likely ask you to provide "Accpetance testing" through a 3rd party certified acceptance testing technician. This is where we come in as we are trained and able to handle all of your needs quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

For More Information, Contact:

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Title 24, part 6-Lighting ATT Cert# TC-A814205, C-10, B, C-7 LIC# 762312